What is it

Project rF2 is a software created for ISI's rFactor2 game so that a driver can transmit realtime telemetry data of the car to an other pc over internet or local network, even if the final user has not installed the game.

However its not a single program, it consists of 3 different applications that work together to deliver the desired result.

  • The essential job is executed by the plugin which connects to the game and collects the car's telemetry data and the timing data of the session

  • The driver's application is a program that collects the data that the plugin extracts, formats them properly and transmits them to a specified IP address

  • Finally there is the manager's application that receives the incoming data from the driver, stores them in memory and displays to the remote viewer with a variety of tools.

As a result of all those programs working together, drivers and managers around the world that use rFactor 2 for simracing can now share info, work efficiently and achieve better performances.

While the classic use of project rF2 is telemetry transmition, there are other ways to use and get help while in a race.

  • Spectator mode allows users that are spectating a session to get all the timing/scoring info and have a dramatically improved touch with the session facts.

  • If a driver has nobody to send the data to and has a second screen available can display the data on it  getting significant help on race evolution.

Bottom line every rFactor 2 user can benefit from the use of project rF2, drivers,managers,single spectators and even broadcast crews.