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Applications downloads for rFactor 2

Software development for rFactor 2

project rF2

Project rF2 is a realtime telemetry program for ISI's rfactor 2 game.

Vehicle telemetry and session scoring data are sent from driver's PC to an other PC.

Due to the complexity and requirement of full software info a special website was created, can find the link at APPLICATIONS menu.

The software is totally free to use.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This software was created by request of gpvwc.com administrators so that to avoid time delay after qualifying sessions by automatically creating the required batch file for race start ups and downs.

The program is installed (simple copy) at rfactor 2 game root folder on server.

The user can do the following:

  • Load the latest session logs and select which one will use for initial race grid.
  • Display the drivers with the order that they finished the session, should normally be the latest Qualifying or Race session if there are more than one races.
  • Add grid penalty and reverse the grid
  • Add an other driver or remove one of the existing drivers
  • Manually change positions up & down
  • Create the appropriate batch that will bring the desired grid positions in the next race session.

The program is free to download and use.


 GPVWC Desktop APPlication 2018v1.4

GPVWC Desktop APPlication is a software created specifically for GPVWC Superleague in order to display in numbers and graphically the car, engine and pit crew upgrades for every round of the GPVWC Superleague Calendar.

The use is pretty simple. Download the zipped file below and extract inside rfactor 2 root folder. 

Running dapp_2018v1.2.exe will show a list with all GPVWC Superleague 2018 related mods. Select the mod update you want (usually the latest) and wait couple seconds until the "Classes" box display the available classes.

Selecting the class will fill the teams box with the available teams. Then the user can select any team to get the info that he needs.

By default when a user selects a team the info box below will show the team info as included at team's vehicle file. The buttons on the right can show the car's data about physics,engine,tires and pit crew.

The 2018 version includes connection to gpvwc.com site and can download many other info for teams including logos,standings and contracted drivers.

For a more detailed presentation of the cars' upgrades must switch to Upgrades tab (only after the teams are displayed in teams' box).

The "Refresh" option will allow classes load directly from the bms_temp/dapp folder without extracting the .mas again.

The job there is also simple. Select the teams you want to compare (using mouse or keys and Ctrl to deselct or select individual team) and click the desired button for physics graph display or Engine/pit crew graph display.

The bar multiplier is there for scaling purposes of the graphical bars.

With the 2018v1.2 the user can display car upgrades for all teams for all races, sort them and manipulate them in the most suitable way.

How to use:

- Each time the upgrades are displayed using the "physycs graph" button the system save those data to a text file in rF2 root folder

- When the upgrades data are saved the user can display them in table from the button in history tab

- Even if the user has created no upgrades file, can download the online file available at redarcher server by clicking the "read online history file" button.


Enjoy !


The v.1.4 fixes some miscalculations when rounding numbers and some crashes in drivers names display

The v.1.2 introduces upgrades history tables

The v.1.1 fixes power upgrades indication and adds car upgrades sorting button



For anything about the applications contact me at redarcher [dot] apps [at] gmail [dot] com


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