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Applications downloads for rFactor 1

Software development for rFactor 1

Cheat Checker (CheChe) is an application that can help rFactor 1 league administrators check the log files of the race drivers that have used rF_Scan sofware to record their data.

rF_Scan is a third party program that if used correctly by the driver it records many data from the driver, the server, the computer environment, the server settings and of course the car telemetry.

Those data are stored into a log file after the user exits the game.

Leagues that force rF_Scan use collect the logs for all drivers and must analyse the data to spot any possible cheating evidence.

CheChe makes this job much easier !!

Administrators can now check with few clicks all the race logs and determine if a driver is cheating with a single read of the CheChe check report.

Fuel hack, grip hack, tyres wear, engine hacking attempts and many more can now be identified and reported !!

The program can check logs of races whose vehicles all use same physics but also with vehicles that use different physics with the appropriate settings.

The previous released online version of the program is currently private and can only be used by advanced users.

Online CheChe guide

Links you must know:

CheChe - Introduction (video tutorial)

CheChe - Setups of physics db (video tutorial)

CheChe - A  single log check (video tutorial)

CheChe - Batch logs check (video tutorial)

CheChe official forum

rF_Scan official forum

DotWet editor

RFE dotWet editor was motivated by RFE's awesome rfactor plugin for custom and dynamic weather in sessions.

However one way to define weather is to write a script as text file actually programming how weather will behave during specific sessions.

dotWet editor allows the user to avoid scripting the file himself and gives the chance to schedule the weather in visual environment with only few clicks and save as a regular RFE script.

Credits to RFE for the support and their great plugin

Online CheChe guide

Links you must know:

dotWet official forum

RFE official forum

GPVWC ManagerLive! is more or less what everyone can understand !

Being a manager of a team and spectating the races without any extra race info other than what rFactor displays in the race monitor was pretty frustrating. Initially web based live timing sites was working okay even with some seconds delay, job was done.

Later on when RFE brought custom weather to rF1 races the need for total check on the weather conditions was imminent.

Then i met LiveView Plugin for rFactor which was giving all the info a manager would need into a text file and the GPVWC ManagerLive! was then able to display full timing details plus weather info, including the feature to record the weather data and then process.

Later more programs came to update to weather display, web based mainly, however i still use GPVWC managerLive! when race conditions are unstable.

Links you must know:

managerLive! official forum

liveview plugin site

Weather Injector

WeatherInjector takes advantage of the latest RFE plugin feature, the realtime weather change and with the help of Wunderground.com weather info i created this program for use to rF1 servers.

The program can:

* Inject realtime weather data to rfactor every specified seconds and for specified periods (race day,pre race, in race)
* Also adds those data to initial conditions so that whenever a session is initiated the conditions will be like realtime.
* User can override current temp injection if the race starts much later than race settings time using a predefined temp to start with.
* If running all the time it can capture the real temp as it would be in server race time and inject when real race comes

Also mind the limits of the free Wunderground key requests (500/day, 10/minute) when setting the program.

Links you must know:

WInjector official forum

RFE official forum

For anything about the applications contact me at redarcher [dot] apps [at] gmail [dot] com


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