Download & Install

Here you can download the latest version of the software, read the installations instructions, the changes log and the todo list for the next versions.

Download project rF2 beta v.1.1.1

  1. Download the full project_rF2_v114 version using the download image on the left. Its a .7z file containing all the necessary files and folders for complete use of the software.

  2. Here is an image description of the zip file structure.

  3. The software installation is as simple as unzipping to rfactor2 root folder. Every file and folder will take place and will be ready for use. Creating desktop shortcuts will be the easy way to use,preferably with admins rights.

Changes log

beta 1.1.4

* added telemetry save as .csv (per drive/lap/session)

* added frames captured count


beta 1.1.3

* Fixed new chart creation issues

* Fixed 7z packaging, now user can unzip to rF2 root folder directly.

beta 1.1.2

* Timing and Timing+ modules renamed to Q-Timing and Q-Timing+ and are now used only for Qualifying sessions

* Fixed fastest race lap indication at full timing module

* In full timing module user can now select a driver with left click (RED) which will show in timing modules, right click (GREY) to select drivers to monitor. Same colours will show in GPS module

* Fixed myPitwall module to hide fuel and tyres strategy when in spectator mode

* Buit with "MS Visual Studio Community 2015" might has solved some windows compatibility issues

* Added Charts module, when in drivers mode the user can now monitor the raw values of all the available channels and create charts using them

* Added the "Dont buy me a beer" button


beta 1.1.1

* Fixed to work with any regional settings

* Fixed quickbms use to work with steam version of rF2

* Fixed main window size to allow more free space to other windows

* Improved data flow,usual data update now comes within half a second or less

* Added transparency and changed colors in modules belt

* Added option to read, set and remember brakes min/max temps from physics file

* Added option to mark a driver in full timing module using right click, now driver who sends data is marked with yellow, user can select a driver with left click whose timing will show in timing module and right click to simply mark a driver for spectating. Corresponding colours will also mark drivers in GPS module.

* Added tire compound names in full timing module

* Added track name in spectator mode also.

* Added strategy belt with "Race synopsis" option which shows a per lap briefing of the race.

* Added "Session timing" module at strategy belt, user can now see times per stint for up to 10 drivers the same time

* Added "myPitwall" module at strategy belt, user now can get precalculated info about fuel,rubber and race strategy


beta 1.1.0 - first public release

beta 1.0.0 - testing purpose (GPVWC only)


Known problems

* Some times the data flow is stopped at manager's module, simply stop and start the data reception at LINK's belt and will possibly resume.

* rFactor 2 tends to stop giving position data for cars that are not involved in the action so the GPS module will show those cars spots as stopped but they are not.

* If the plugin crashes try to install the VC runtimes as exist in rfactor2\support\runtimes folder and give write access for rfactor2 root folder

Todo list

* map charts

* warnings in charts