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  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

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Historic team videos

A1 Ring - 2011

More points at Shanghai for Red Archer

Pedro Gomes at another top 10 finish !

The race at China was expected hard since the back of the grid penalties carried from Australia forced race start from the back half of the grid. The Portuguese started with the softer compound trying 

to climb high before pit for the harder available tyres and fight for any available point ! The two stops plan allowed him to gradually pass the slower cars with solid drive and reach P7 for the second time in the first two races of the season giving waves of enthusiasm to the greek camp.

On the other hand Thomas Hinss trapped by the last grid position and the harder compound could not meet the strategy requirements and finished out of points again. However team circles say that while the Australian is disappointed by the latest results they are sure he will work his way back to the good races that he deserves.

Travel to Azerbaijan is the next stop of Superleague championship, a new track to the calendar, the car will go there without new upgrades and the practice has already started so that team drivers can learn the track, fix the cars and show their best driving skills.

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