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  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

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Historic team videos

A1 Ring - 2011

Top finish at a dramatic championship start for the "reds"

Former "Archer" Fournier won the race

Melbourne has always been a track that all teams have lots of time to prepare and organise their plans ! The same time the Australian race usually hides accidents and race traps for the drivers.

The Grand Prix of March 1st for GPVWC Superleague could not be different ! Accidents with many cars involved, rubbers, brakes and strategy failures composed the puzzle of the first race of the season.

Red Archer drivers traditionally qualified to the bottom half of the grid and their race was expected risky as ever.


The first turns massive accidents found Thomas Hinss with damaged car and an early pit stop that ruined the chances for top 15 while the race pace was never enough to challenge points again. This was the first time that Thomas would race for Red Archer and didnt score since he had scored points at every race in 2017 !!

Pedro on the other hand at his debut race with the team displayed great performance on track and for most of the race was in top 10 drivers taking advantage of the 8 DNFs, finished 7th and scored for Red Archer the most points at Melbourne since 2015.

China follows in 2 weeks and the car is expected upgraded fully promising for more action and good race for the team !

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