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  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

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A1 Ring - 2011

GPVWC 2018

Ideas & Suggestions

It has been a tradition for Red Archer to give a public opinion on how GPVWC works and what can admins do to offer even more excitement to drivers and managers.

This season we are more than happy to see some of the last year ideas come true to GPVWC 2017.

Drivers transfer restriction, emergency drivers now get full month drive instead of end of month, race tires choices now to teams and Superleague teams restricted to 12 !

For 2018 i admit there are not too many suggestions i can give, however i think they would bring good air to Superleague once more !

Tracks again will be the first option for change. Malaysia, San Marino and France could be ideal destination for all the GPVWC series, maybe a poll for members to select the desired track to add and the one to kick would be interesting !

An other annual request on my side is to replace or to merge all dirty air upgrades which for this season no team has opted to order !! Heating factors for brakes and engine could do the job shuffling the RnD plans again !

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