Valencia & Austria pushed "reds" up high !

Hinss & Fournier drove solid races with top 10 finish at RedBul Ring !

At China team had praised Thomas' and Jason's effort to drive medium developed cars at P11 and P14 under heavy rain while setting the plan for better results at Valencia and Austria.

The Spanish GP was expected as a fight for points again, a small pack of upgrades had arrived and a new guy had come to help.

Geoffrey and Thomas despite the bad qualifying session were gradually able to benefit the DNFs and strategy that allowed them to push with the fastest rubber in the last stint making brilliant double passes, one following the other and finally grabing the first top 10 of the season for a P10 and P11 finish.

Austrian GP came to verify the expectations of the weekend grown about 2 months ago when the RnD plan was decided.

A high end car and a strong engine, a well prepared setup and 2 drivers ready for full throttle at those Redbul Ring straights accompanied by enriched pitwall crew did the job in spectacular way.

Qualified badly as usually but inside top 15 and everyone knew what to do.

Good use of the tyres, safely passing and battling with other drivers allowed a safe race end while strategy was largely reconsidered before.

Red Archer with the exception of Russian GP when Benefield retired, counts double point finishes for all the other races and with Austrian P6 and P9 for Hinss and Fournier boosted team to P6 in constructors and Thomas in top 10 of drivers standings.

After Austria all the team members thanked emergency driver Fournier whose races in team finished with fantastic performances and welcomed on board the new emergency driver Rait Kilk who will be thrown in the arena of Monaco in 10 days.

Team is already there while the car brings the same upgrades and engine, the weather looks very good and the track challenging as always.

The optimistic target of the race is double finish in points again while back at factory the new upgrades are being produced for Canada, Britain . . . who knows 


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