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  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

  • Red Archer Virtual Racing Team 2018

  • Singapore GP - September 13th

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Historic team videos

A1 Ring - 2011

Melbourne 2017:Mission accomplished

All the team members of Red Archer knew the level of difficulty for the first race of the season. Target was set early and clearly . . . points !


Top 15 was not something to celebrate about but a good start for a hard season where only consistent and well organised teams can go through.

Daniel Benefield and Thomas Hinss at their home race displayed pace and strength to finish P13 and P12 respectively avoiding accidents while 1/3 of the grid did not finish the race !


Following a predefined strategy to use all 3 available compounds and driving a consistently safe race they climbed up to 4 positions from the start of the race.

After the race they both looked calm with the result, knowing that while not driving a super race they achieved what team needed from them. 

However the race at Sochi will be dramatically different ! Car and engine upgrades, worn engines, different weather conditions and possibly more careful oppponents this time increase the difficulty level ! 

For all those reasons team is getting into the race practice already looking forward at next race with great anticipation !


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